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  Weather Links   Air Force Approved training missions
LINK AOPA Weather Login Required LINK Mission Flight Training Materials
LINK CT Nexrad local weather    
LINK CT WFSB3 Weather Radar    
LINK The Weather Channel   Mission Forms
LINK CSC Duats Login Required DOC CAPF 104 Mission Flight Plan Worksheet Blank
LINK DTS Duat Login Required DOC CAPT 71 Aircraft Inspection CheckList
LINK Aviation Weather Center (ADDS) LINK CAP Forms
LINK CWSU National Map    
LINK NCAR Real-Time Weather Data    
      Stan/Eval Material
  Mission Flight Planning LINK STAN/Eval Aircraft OPS and Training
LINK E-Services    
Excel Weight and Balance (XLS)Remember to Save as PDF after its filled out    
LINK CAP Gridded New York Avaition Sectional    
LINK VFRMAP - Digital Aeronautical Charts    
LINK SkyVector - Aeronautical Charts    
PDF Operational Mission Inflight Guide 2013    
  Download Current Areonautical Charts    
LINK VFR Sectional Charts    
LINK IFR Low Enroute Charts    
LINK Approach Plates    
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