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Mission Flight Training

Mission Flight Training Materials

PDF Materials

PDF - Aircrew Flightline Task Guide

PDF - Air and Ground Operations

PDF - Becker RT-600 - DF-517 user Manual

PDF - CAP Radio

PDF - Communications

PDF - Garmin G1000 User Manual

PDF - Garmin Advance G1000 SAR Patterns

PDF - Garmin Advance GPS400 SAR Patterns

PDF - Garmin Advance GX-55 SAR Patterns

PDF - Garmin GX-55 Quick Ref Text

PDF - Garmin GX-55 GPS mini guide

PDF - IFR ELT Search

PDF - Mission Observer Task Guide

PDF - Mission Pilot Task Guide

PDF - Mission Scanner Task Guide

PDF - Operational In-Flight guide

PDF- Survival and urgent care

PDF - Visual Search Planning Simplified

LINK - Garmin G1000 Training Course Link Sign-in required

PDF - Garmin G1000 WAAS The user Friendly Version Written by Pilots


AF Approved Mission Training Profiles (editable)

PDF - Profile 1 Visual Search Mission Profile

PDF - Profile 2 Video Search Mission Proflie

PDF - Profile 3 Electronic Search Mission Profile

PDF - Profile 4 Transportation Mission Profile

PDF - Profile 5 Mission Pilot CAP_91 Practice Profile

PDF - Profile 6 Mountain Search Mission Profile

PDF - Profile 7 Proficiency Flight Mission Profile

PDF - Profile 8 Counterdrug Mission Profile

PDF - Profile 9 Low Level Route Survey (LLRS) Mission Profile

PDF - Profile 10 Takeoff and Landing Proficiency Flight Mission Profile



PDF - All Profiles Feb 1 2016 Approved Missions (Non Editable)

LINK - Pilot Proficiency Profiles(AF Approved) Eservices


Powerpoint Materials

Download - Aircraft Familiarization

Download - Becker DF

Download - Crew Resource Management

Download - Communications

Download - Electronic search

Download - IFR ELT Search

Download - Mission Observer

Download - Mission Pilot

Download - Navigation and Position Determination

Download - Nikon D200 with GPS

Download - Radio Guide FM TDFM-136

Download - Scanner

Download - Scanner Course Part 1

Download - Scanner Course Part 2

Download- Scanner Course Part 3

Download - Scanning Techniques and Sighting Characteristics

Download - Step Through a Typical Mission

Download - Visual Search Planning and coverage

Download - Visual Search Patterns And Procedures

Download - Weather

Download - Garmin G1000 Search Procedures



Link - ROBOGEO Program Web Link

Link - ROBOGEO Civil Air Patrol Instructions

Link - GOPRO Studio

Link - DashWare Software (Overlay Videos with LAT/LONG information)


G-1000 Simulator

Download - G-G100081PCSIM.zipx "Password required to extract file"

Contact webmaster at for password


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